Why Horse Supplements are Essential?

Equine nutritional supplements are a big business and no wonder. Nearly every concerned horse owner wonders at some stage if they ought to feed their horse vitamin supplements.

Whether it's a mature horse that becomes stiff or has trouble keeping weight, a performance horse under extra stress due to a busy revealing schedule, or just a trail ride friend whose hooves have a tendency to crack easily, there is the best horse supplement promoted for the problem.

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In nature, the horse gets all of the nourishment it requires from foraging on grass and herbaceous plants. Natural selection means that horses that have difficulty residing on the available roughage are less likely to reproduce, leading to small, tough, thrifty wild horses.

Once humans domesticated the horse, however, they began breeding for specific traits other than thriftiness; things such as size, speed, leaping ability and pulling power.

If an otherwise excellent animal tended toward skinniness, it had been given more feed in the kind of concentrates like grain, but would still be bred.

At precisely the same time, horses have been removed from their normal environment where they roamed enormous distances, eating a variety of unique plants. National horses may invest part of their own lives, but it's usually in a limited space, often a couple of acres or less.