Visiting The Lowest Point On Earth: Dead Sea, Israel

Places mentioned in the scriptures not only hold the religious sentiment in some people, but it is also regarded for their unique geological character. The Dead Sea in Israel is not only the lowest point on earth but also home to the most violent of the body of water known marine life.

It holds the secret to the Dead Sea Scrolls, a lush oasis mystery and the only place where one can float on the water without having to swim. If you are looking for Israel tour package then check this source:  Best Tours of Israel-Luxury Travel & Tour Packages-TLV-VIP.

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The journey begins in the middle of hills where the grilled black horizontal lines indicate the sea surface.

The Dead Sea looms on the horizon of blue water, marked by oil palm plantations is marvelous green scenery of the desserts were hard. Qumran is the first historic tour. It is believed the settlement of the Essenes, a sect of Judaism who wrote the Hebrew scriptures of the Dead Sea scrolls.

Interesting ruins imagination as the guide tells the history and expresses its esoteric speculation that John may have one running ground Qumran.

Visitors can also see what remains of Masada, where Herod had to go to when looking for protection from a long war. Qumran peak can be reached by cable car so that tourists can get an idea of the terrain and geological significance feel the rich history of this land.

Not far from Qumran is a botanical garden that seems to be wrong in hectares of dry land. Nothing is more acceptable to foreigners than a lush oasis in the middle of the Judean desert. It is home to an ancient baobab tree and about 900 species of plants.