Utilizing Horse Supplements Effectively

Horse Supplements will surely help make your horse healthy. But it does not mean that the medicine can act as a cure-all for anything.

There are times when you also need a suitable understanding to know what to do anytime your horse becomes ill. Horse flu is an extremely widespread viral respiratory illness which happens in the warmer months of the year.

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March all the way through is the most common months for flu to occur. Flu is extremely infectious. It spreads by direct and indirect contact, animals pressing each other or using the same drinking water buckets or feed buckets.

In addition, it can be carried by aerosol, through the atmosphere and can spread rapidly over huge areas of the countryside.

The symptoms can vary some, but generally, have the following indications. Hacking and coughing which endures from a couple of days to 2 weeks or even more, watery discharge from the nose, high temperature, and depressive disorders the first few days.

The incubation period of equine flu virus may be as short as one to three days. Horses could remain infective and shed virus to other horses for about ten days in their nasal secretions.

Accordingly, horses need to feed at least three times a day to ensure they get enough food. However, this is not mandatory that they are released out in the open field where they can graze grass as much as they want.