Uncover The Little Known Facts About Roaches And What Attracts Them To Your Home

Cockroaches are among the leading infestations that people experience in their own house. They can cause distress, safety, and health risks to families. The moment people are made aware that these insects are crawling inside their house, they want to get rid of them as soon and as fast as possible. Learn about what they are and what attracts roaches in Brandon Fl.

There are over thirty species of cockroach known to mankind as of today. But there are about only four species that are generally considered as pests. They have dated back at least three hundred million years ago, which makes them a part of the ancient animal group. They have been known to have survived the asteroid that wiped out the entire existence of dinosaurs on our planet.

These creatures are known to have a very high survivability rate and are considerably flexible to change. They have evolved in such ways that make them resilient and invulnerable to minor injuries that can threaten their lives. They are even known to survive a week without their heads, the thing that causes them to potentially die is losing their mouth where they take in water and food.

Since our humble home usually offers almost everything that cockroaches need to survive, it is most likely to stay there for as long as they can. Houses have become an ideal place for these kinds of insects to stay and breed. With the abundant amount of food, shelter, moisture, and warmth cockroaches will surely enjoy the company of our homes.

What mainly attracts these insects into our homes is the abundant amount of their food source. Since cockroaches are recognized to be cold blooded animals, they can survive for a month without food but cannot survive a week without water. Just because your kitchen is spotlessly clean, that does not stop these insects from attacking your pantry or just about anything they can devour.

They do not usually get along with such cold weather conditions. That is why they are very rampant during the summertime. While they may love heat and warmth, they will constantly seek for moisture. This is a vital aspect for their survival, along with their consumption of water. That is why cockroaches are commonly found in the bathroom or under the kitchen sink. There are also times when they thrive near leaky pipes.

We will inevitably have parts on our home that will be left unattended. Some will be as big as the storage room, in between doors, or as small as the crevices found on the walls. Whatever that can be, they attract cockroaches and may serve as a breeding place for them. As long as they find a suitable space for them to fit in with the perfect conditions for them to live in, they are good to go.

A dirty and messy household also draw the attention of these insects. This is considered as the perfect condition for them. Dirty plates left in the skink, overflowing garbage cans, crumbs left on your carpet, these are among the things that make the cockroaches satisfied. Always maintain cleanliness in your home to avoid attracting more cockroaches into your household.

While having an unclean household increases the number of cockroaches in your home, it does not guarantee that they will not come back for good. If you are confident that you have eradicated all of the roaches in your home, there is still a huge possibility that they will be back. Some may come from the pipes or drains. There are also some cases where they may have unconsciously transferred from one place to another.