The Most Expensive Luxury Apartments In London

Heralded by many as among the world's finest cities, London is filled with illustrations of fine architecture.

Can it be in the kind of exciting new workplace constructions – like Renzo Piano's behemoth The Shard, at Southward – or improvements made up of only luxury flats in London – such as One Hyde Park, but more about that after – London certainly is not short of magnificent sights.

The Most Expensive Luxury Apartments In London

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London, like most major cities, has been able to maintain its architectural tradition – with Victorian and Georgian period properties nevertheless commonplace – although also introducing dashes of modernism into the skies scape.

A few of those properties only happen to be one of the most expensive in the entire world. And not simply townhouses either – you will find lots of luxury flats in London who have offered, or are presently available on the current market, in an absolute premium speed.

From the Brief guide below, we have taken a closer look at a Few of these luxury flats in London, and why they are priced so highly:

St. James Square: Located in the above district of St James, this flat is a magical opportunity to say the very least. It is a traditional 19th century period construction, and that, thankfully, has kept all of its splendor amazingly well.

The resident blessed to occupy St. James Square's luxury flats in London have to profit from the complex surroundings, enormous windows that look out over a garden square foot, and expansive dining rooms. Unsurprisingly luxury flats in London such as this you do not come cheap.