Terrazzo Polishing And Restoration In Melbourne

Before discussing terrazzo polishing and restoration in Melbourne. Let’s take a look at what terrazzo is, where it comes from and why it exists. 

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What is Terrazzo

Terrazzo is the name given to a type of hard surface that is used in the construction industry. It is used for various surfaces inside homes, office buildings, and outdoor spaces. It is traditionally made by mixing pieces of marble together with cement. It is said to be of Egyptian origins, then later in Italy. 

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Terrazzo in Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, which is a state of Australia. After world war 2, Melbourne became home to many migrants from Italy. People say that Melbourne’s infrastructure was built by the migrants from Europe. This is where terrazzo may have been introduced as a more affordable way to construct flooring throughout the city of Melbourne. 

Today in Melbourne, terrazzo flooring is very common. This means that there is a need for restoration and polishing of terrazzo. Local Melbourne businesses, such as www.absolutestonecare.com.au, provide very valuable terrazzo services to the local community. 

Here is a list of the different types of services available. 

  • Terrazzo restoration

  • Terrazzo polishing

  • Terrazzo crack repair

  • Terrazzo floor cleaning

  • Honed polishing 

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Origins Of Terrazzo

Terrazzo can be found all over the world. It is said to first be seen in ancient Egypt but perfected in Venice, Italy. The marble workers in Italy used fragments and chips of marble, mixed with cement, then placed onto their floors in their homes. The marble mixture was then polished. This is how terrazzo was born and later became popular.