Some Facts Regarding Paper Shredding

Most of us understand that file destruction is a vital concern for every company, either big or small. It protects sensitive information and helps to make sure that the private and financial information of your clients will not fall into the incorrect hands.

But, there are several facts about document grinding which may just surprise you.

paper shredding

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Document Destruction Can Be Green – It may come as a shock for you to understand . It will not only ruin your documents but will offer you significant safety. Moreover it is a green procedure that can help relieve the demand for raw materials. 

Saves Landfill Space – Shredding helps decrease the amount of space utilized in landfills – one ton delivered through a recycling center saves nearly three and a half cubic meters of distance at the landfill.

It Helps Growing Matters – Paper shredding does not need to be directed into the landfill. Waste files that were put through an expert shredder make really good compost for gardens.

The Recycled Material – Paper is the one most recycled material, a lot more than aluminum, glass, and vinyl all assembled.

Onsite Destruction Offers Better Security – While offsite destruction providers exist, onsite destruction (accompanied by a certification of destruction) is a lot more secure.

Old Technology – You may believe that shredders are rather fresh, however, the very first one was invented in 1909 .The following one to be devised, and also the one on which the current technology relies, was designed at pre-WWII Germany .