Gearbox For Motor Vehicle

Mechanical stepped gearbox consists of a number of couples gear that interacts with each other and is arranged on the input shaft, output shaft, and the first shaft. Couple gears can be selectively combined to form different gear ratios.

In addition, the gearbox comprises, arranged on both sides of the shaft; gears are used both in order to bring about a reverse gear and to transmit the driving force to the first side of the shaft. So that the gearbox can be designed with a short axially extending even when the gearbox consists of many steps the tooth.

Gearbox for use in passenger cars dimensioned to permit driving at different speeds while utilizing a combustion engine that enables the most economical driving within a limited range of engine speed. You can easily get the best gearbox repair in Sydney at Gearbox Exchange Services.

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In connection with increasing requirements for performance and at the same time the requirement for economical driving, there are increased requirements for measures more gears in the gearbox.

More gear steps can be arranged by mounting more gear in the gearbox on the existing shaft. This means that the gearbox by axial limit again. For vehicles with longitudinally-mounted gearbox, this is not a big problem.

On the other hand, for a vehicle with a transverse gearbox, the space in the transverse direction of the vehicle is very important, because of the increased length of the gearbox is usually not possible without the width of the vehicle must be improved.