Summer Horse Care Tips

In this article, we will discuss three-horse care tips simple summer.

First of all, you have to invest in a high-quality product which will act as a fly repellent. The fact is that after the weather gets warmer, flies, mosquitoes, ticks, and other aggressive insects become very active.

Their bites can cause lumps and bumps appeared all over your horse's body and to prevent this from happening you should begin to supplement the diet of your horse with a high-quality product like liquid garlic supplements. One can get to know about best horse supplements on sale or race horse nutrition supplements via an online search.

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The fact is that there are quite a lot of types of garlic supplements, but I strongly advise you to invest in high quality garlic supplement liquid. Why? Liquid garlic supplements are absorbed more easily, which means that you will start to see results much more quickly than if you decide to keep the garlic granules.

How garlic supplements work?

Once you will start to supplement the diet of your horse with a garlic supplement, your horse's body will start to release the smell that will act as a repellent. Flies, mosquitoes, ticks and other annoying insects all just hate the smell of garlic.

In addition to getting a fly repellent high quality, you also have to make sure that your horse gets more time to chew lush, fresh, green grass in the pasture.

The fact is that the conditions are not perfect grazing throughout the year and it was really difficult for the horse to get back in shape after the winter and spring, so smart to give your horse access to fresh green grass, but be careful!

Grass in the summer is packed with high amounts of sugar, which can cause various problems.