Find The Best Flexible Duct Manufacturers In Thailand

Flexible duct manufacturers are very helpful to install manufacturing components. First of all, you need to know about how to install flex duct correctly with the right tools and hardware equipment.

The prices of flex duct are increases because of they are some features such as its flexibility; prevent bending it around pipes and similar objects. If you want to explore more about flex duct then you can browse

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Bends and sags in the framing of the ductwork can raise air pollution and reduce airspeed, thereby reducing the quantity of airflow in the system and delaying its heating and cooling abilities. This is one of the most common mistakes in installing the flex duct.

Do not run a flexible duct through small spaces. Wherever you operate the ductwork, the distances should be at least as big as the width of the duct.

When it's being installed, it ought to be mounted or supported each 3-5 feet, never going farther than 6 feet between supports. Do not let for sag either. According to producer guidelines, the maximum amount of sag enabled in a flat line is 1/2" per foot of flex duct.

When encouraging ductwork, straps and timber are most frequently used. Use straps which have a width of 1 1/2" wide at the minimum.

Don't use flex duct to encourage different sections of flex duct. Don't use it to support pipes, wires, or other similar materials because they may constrict the duct with time.