The Best Church Marketing Methods

Listed below are many church advertising methods and their efficacy. These results are obtained from one church and aren't regarded as definitive. The aim here would be to assist other churches and pastors expand their church.

This listing is from least effective to most effective in establishing the church. I've rated each segment from 1 (worst) to 10 (best). 


Effectiveness (1): Just as a tool to cultivate your church, tracts would be the least effective. In almost 12 decades of pastoring, I have had a total of two families see our church due to a tract. You can visit christ churches near your area for the peace of mind.

As a way of spreading the gospel, they are way more successful. There's not any doubt that getting out the Gospel is vital, and tracts are a great way of doing this, but so far as developing the church, they're not too powerful.

Content and space (3): A tube has very limited distance, generally designed to fit in shirt pocket. They provide a Gospel message and normally a little space for the title of their church and support times.

Cost (3): A top quality tract with great content, layout, colour, and design will often run you about 10 cents per piece if you purchase around 10,000 or so.


Effectiveness (two ): A neighborhood church site is successful only to individuals that are currently searching for a church. Most would have looked in the telephone book first, and the remainder would have found your site address from another source of promotion.

A site is excellent in keeping members current and providing a great deal of information. However, so much as constructing your own church, you may only reach people that are looking or who've heard of your church.