How Can A 1300 Number Help Your Business?

1300 numbers are Australia's very own smart number reverse charge network where customers can call a business for the fee of a local call. At the business end, they get the first few minutes to waive and when calls exceed it, they get charged for the minimum level.

The figure is a virtual number is not tied to a specific network or landline. You can travel all over Australia and using a different number and your customers can still reach you while you drive your current phone number to 1300 numbers. You can contact your local 1300 number providers in australia through

Here are some reasons some clever can help your business become more competitive in a saturated market today:

Boost Attendance – 1300 numbers can be used in multiple locations. Local callers do not have to worry about paying for long-distance calls and those calls can be set up to be directed so that it can be answered by others in the same area. This is called state-based routing. You can have one number and they have different people answer the phone based on their location. This feature will give you the business appeal more reliable because many people are still wary of conducting online transactions.

Improved Communication – People today still prefer to speak with an actual person on the transactions do online. It is far more reassuring to have some you can ask questions to clarify and things that you are not sure of. Filling the order form or online inquiry form feels very disconnected to the company. In this modern world, people still long for connection.