Know More Food Culture Of Sailing Croatia

In almost every place on the islands, you can find a shop native – a small family nest where food is prepared and served in a domestic atmosphere. 

We strongly advise you to eat in small places like that and to avoid restaurants where the food is often exaggerated and without attributes, the shop is small and filled with charm. 

Tavern owner grows their own vegetables, have their own pickled capers, onion and they tend to have the best wine in the country, sea salt, carob, oregano and remaining aromatic plants or other coastal food supplements. Get to know more about the food culture of  Sailing Croatia via

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You should be able to see what's cooking or at least be able to come to the kitchen door and see what happens. After such a wonderful experience that you must have the desire to sail to it again and again.

One thing that is easy to perceive in the Kornati Islands is that there are more and older, experienced yachtsmen who really enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere. We can say with certainty that an offer of gastronomy in Kornati Islands approached with quality but not in price too.

As one of the limitations mentioned the quality of services we have to remark that in most of the bars is not possible to pay with a credit card. In general, there is probably only a couple of catering that offers the possibility of paying by credit card.