Know About Batteries Before You Order Your Kit

Vapers advise people to order more than one battery so that you can enjoy vaping continuously while your additional batteries are charging. You can try out this but you have to charge these batteries first and then you will be able to use them. Normally, a charged battery allows a vaper to vape for 1 to 2 hours on a single charge.

If you order two sets of batteries, then you can use them alternately and can vape incessantly. Batteries come in two forms – manual and automatic.

Automatic batteries come with their own set of advantages. If you want your hands to be free while vaping then these batteries are for you. The automatic batteries are designed for longevity and to increase the life of the atomizer and battery they will turn off after 5 seconds to allow the atomizer to cool down.

As a beginner, you should buy automatic batteries which will render you controlled puffs. Once you get used vaping you can switch to manual batteries. Manual batteries are operated through a button. A manual battery has to be switched on to take the puffs and then as you release the button, it gets switched off.

These batteries allow vapers to take longer drags because you can control the length of time the atomizer is switched on. Nowadays, due to technical advancements, batteries are available that last longer. There are many batteries that will last an entire day without recharging.