Insurance For Heavy Equipment Operators

The contractor does a variety of work including site preparation, installation of septic, drainage systems, land grading, moving equipment, and repair roads.

There are some insurance companies that have developed a program especially for heavy equipment operators and their specific needs. You can also visit some websites such as and many more to get more information regarding heavy equipment insurance.  

The most important policy to a heavy equipment operator is General liability Insurance. General liability insurance is designed to help protect you and your company when you or employees are responsible for bodily injury or property damage caused by the company's operations.

General liability insurance is an insurance policy that is very broad and can contain many exceptions. This exclusion is necessary as the other policy types required meeting the insurance needs of more specific.

One of the more prominent exceptions is damage to your product. The liability coverage covers the damage you cause to the property of othersit does not cover loss or damage to your product. As a contractor, it is important to ask subcontractors to provide proof of insurance and add it as an additional insured on your general liability policy.

Better insurance policy has a built-in enhancement coverage could include, for personal injury. If you have employees or don't have employees Workers Compensation Insurance is another important coverage to have. Workers' compensation insurance pays employee medical bills and lost wages from work-related injury or illness.

Most states require that any company with one or more employees have worker's compensation coverage. It is also important to include yourself as an employee in this case so that you are covered like any other employee.


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