Buy A Unique Custom Lanyards or Make Your Own

Lanyards come in various styles and colors and materials, which are made from paracord is one of the most popular custom lanyards around. Think lanyard and you might think the traditional: a nylon rope around your neck where your employee badge hangs. If you are looking for custom lanyards then you can visit The Paracord Store.

Sometimes these ropes have a company name printed on them. Sometimes they have a popular proverb. But you can also buy a unique lanyard made from one of the most popular ingredients around today: 550 paracords. You can use these accessories to hold the knife, keys, and more.

Custom Lanyards: Buy Unique One or Make It Yourself

If you've been thinking about a custom lanyard, you will find that there are two general approaches to get one: buy one or make one.

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If you buy one you will want to start searching the internet to find a company that will make them for you. You will find that a lot of custom lanyards are a traditional type. They are made of nylon and can print your company name, school name or other special messages.

While you can put a message on the accessories is almost limitless, frankly, the material from which they are made is quite limited. But there are also companies that will make quality custom lanyards made from parachute straps.

Some are made from 550 wires only. Others include private dog tags on the accessories, making the whole product is truly unique.

But you can also create your own custom lanyard only through the purchase of 550 paracords your own supply. And do not worry if after you have paracord, you are not sure how to weave its own lanyard. There are many guides on the internet, both printed and video clips.